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Play-It provides a revolutionary, cloud based virtual “Space” tailored for global and scattered businesses. In it, your people can meet and interact on a regular basis, regardless of their geographical location. 

At Play-it we understand that a feeling of connection and belonging to the workplace is crucial for your company’s success.




It is clear to all – remote and hybrid work has taken control, and employees feel lonelier than ever. Our “Space” strengthens the relationship between the company and its people, improves collaboration and teamwork, facilitates networking, and boosts the mental health of your employees. Overall, these benefits are proven to increase employee retention!

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Human Resource Department

Searching for content and ideas to bring your employees together?

Want to boost the feeling of connection and belonging?

We provide a unique interface with a range of content as an aid to one of your company’s biggest challenges.

Company leaders

Want to strengthen connections within your team?

Facing the challenge of managing remote employees?

Want to drive your team further?

We provide the best tools, interactions and gamification to connect and interact with your people.

Entire Company

Tired of awkward virtual encounters?

Looking for ways to get to know the people across the screen?

We provide a range of content that helps getting to know fellow employees, clients and friends at work. Start a meeting or pass a weekly “happy hour” with our diverse content while getting to know other people.

Started using our platform in June 2022

Once Maayan, office manager at the company, realize the need to connect her employees

Started using our platform in June 2022

Initially, the content was challenges only but when they realized the need for a platform

Started using our platform in April 2022

Enjoy a monthly challenge that is updated every month, quality content aimed to connect



You are welcome to read about some of our successful journeys with partners and clients.

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